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BPN Maestro – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference of BPN Maestro compared to the many other solutions on the market?

BPN Maestro is a lean yet feature reach hospitality quality system, aiming to provide you exactly the tools you need to support your operation. Many other solutions are huge and offer a plethora of functions, of which many times hotels will use a mere 20% while actually paying 100% of the price.

BPN Maestro however provides you exactly the tools you need with functionality that makes sense, all for a fraction of the price while utilizing the newest technology available.

What Property Management Systems (PMS) does BPN Maestro support?

At the moment we only support Opera PMS, but are actively working on interfacing with other systems as well.

Feel free to contact us via hello@bpn-solutions.com with details of your PMS and we will gladly have a look at what we can do.

Are there any limits on number of user accounts?

No, never. Unlike other solutions, you are free to add as many users as you like via your Hotel Admin Dashboard without limitations. 

Is the price based on number of rooms?

No. Our prices are the same every month of your subscription, no matter how many users or rooms you may have. We believe in crystal clear billing and want you to know exactly how much you will pay without any hidden costs.

What languages are supported by BPN Maestro?

For the moment, the system is fully translated into English and Simplified Chinese. We are actively working on other languages and if necessary can provide specific translation upon request.

Where can I download the BPN Maestro mobile app?

Our apps are available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded via a private link after sign-up.

What kind of system support does BPN Solutions offer?

We have a dedicated Hotel Support Team which is reachable weekdays during regular working hours. Each hotel account will have a dedicated BPN Champion will be your main contact via Mobile, Email, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc., and answer usually within 24 hours to any of your requests.

Is on-site setup required? How much does that cost?

No, you dont have to fly us in or put us up in hotel room on your own dime, all the system setup happens in the cloud and usually takes your IT Manager less than 10 minutes to get the system up and running. Easy as that.

How long does it take to set-up the BPN Maestro?

The system setup usually takes around 10 minutes and can completed by your Hotel Champion / IT Manager. The system has an intuitive design and allows your colleagues to use the system to its full extend after about an hour of fiddling around with it.

A full Knowledge Base in case of any questions is available to support training efforts by your team.

Can I buy specific modules only or do I need to buy a package?

We offer 3 subscription plans with various modules suitable for hotel of all sized, but you can also create a customs subscription with exactly the modules you prefer.

Reach out to hello@bpn-solutions.com for a custom setup or add your preferred modules yourself on our purchasing screen.