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How to activate/deactivate a QR Feedback Card

This guide will detail how you can activate/deactivate an existing QR Feedback Card. At times, you may want to temporarily disable a QR Feedback Card instead of permanently deleting it, for example when undergoing renovation or once a certain promotion has ended. In that case, all you need to do is deactivate that QR Feedback Card which leaves the card inaccessible, but retains all previous guest feedback.

Let’s see how you can manage the QR Feedback Card status.

Step-by-Step Guide

To activate/deactivate a feedback card, you need to navigate to the page by clicking on QR Feedback Card > Create QR Code

Navigate to QR Feedback Card > Create QR Code

QR Feedback Card List

Here you will see the QR Feedback Form and Preview, and below that all the existing Feedback Cards are listed as shown below.

List of all existing QR Feedback Cards

Each card in the list has an action button on the right as shown above. Also, you will see Status in the first column of the table list, showing the current status of each Feedback Card. By default when you create a new QR Feedback Card it is marked as active, meaning it is immediately accessibly to anyone who scans the QR code. So, let’s see how you can deactivate a card first.

Deactivating a card

Deactivating a card will result in an Error Message, informing any guest who scans the card that it is no longer available. Any feedback that has been received so far will remain on file and can still be reviewed in the QR Scorecard Report.

Click on the action button on the right to see the action menu as shown below.

Action Menu of the QR Feedback Card

From the Action Menu, you can click on the Deactivate option. That will deactivate the selected QR Feedback Card immediately and update the Status of the card to INACTIVE as shown on the left.

QR Feedback Card with INACTIVE Status

Now whenever anyone tries to scan the QR code and open the feedback form, they will see the below page with an error message.

An INACTIVE QR Feedback Form with error message

Activating a card

Let’s look at how you can re-activate a deactivated Feedback Card. First locate the deactivated card that you want to activate, open the action menu of the card and click on the Active option as shown below. It will activate the Feedback Card instantly and guests can now scan the QR code to provide feedback.

Reactivating an INACTIVE Feedback Card

This is how you can easily activate/deactivate a QR Feedback Card to allow/disallow guests from providing feedback using the card’s QR code.

Updated on July 23, 2021

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